Hey folks, it’s been a while! I just wanted to touch base with some of my customers and new followers regarding this Canada Post debacle… As some of you who are either Canadian or have been shopping from Canadian shops recently, you may have heard about the Canada Post vs. Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) labour negotiations. This has been going on since 2015, and it’s not looking so good. CUPW had set July 2 of this year to be the deciding day, and Canada Post informed them that their previous offers were final… ANYWAY, as of now, Canada Post is no longer accepting packages to ship as service disruptions are expected. 

Canada Post is often the only option for small shops like Little Deer. The prices to ship are much more reasonable than places like UPS. If I kept my shop open, shipping charges would be more than $20 for even domestic orders. Who pays that much, willingly? 

So, Little Deer will be closed for now until Canada Post and CUPW can come to an agreement. You can read more about the negotiations and updates on the Canada Post website or you can stay updated via our Instagram and blog. 

Keep being wonderful, friends!


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