New Product & Bringing Back the Style

Hey all! It’s been a really stressful couple of weeks between my full-time job, planning Ava’s second birthday party, trying to construct new products to list in the shop and making sure there’s enough cuddle time and play time in between! I have come to realize that scheduling everything – including said cuddle and play time – is key! 

On that note, I’ve added a couple different items to the shop on top of the dreamcatchers. When I first created The Starving Artist, I had the intention of adding a large variety of items anyway, so continue to stay tuned!

Double-Sided Floral Heart Garland


DREAM Bunting Banner

I’ve added these super fun garlands and banners, perfect for parties or everyday decor. The first DREAM banner I made was hard to let go of! I want to keep it above my bed!
The floral heart garland was recently featured on the Etsy Sellers of Manitoba Facebook Page. It was posted in their Manitoba Made Weddings, which was so amazing, it looked so beautiful amongst all the other handmade wedding decor!

I’ve also had the pleasure of making a couple onesies for some pregnant friends. I love giving unique gifts that are sure to stand out in an ocean of baby shower presents! Making original onesies used to bring me so much joy, and getting back into it made me wonder if I should list some again. As some of you may know, I discontinued tshirts and onesies because the quality of the ink didn’t last (scroll to my first post to read all about it). However, the ink lasts long enough for a baby to get all the wear they can out of it, given they only wear them for a (too) short amount of time! 


And don’t forget to use code LITTLEDEERBIGBLOG to get $5 off at The Starving Artist!


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