Shop Spotlight – Belle Lys Decor


I’d like to open a new segment called Shop Spotlight with Belle Lys Decor, which translates to “beautiful Lily”, named after the shop owners adorable daughter! Belle Lys is brand new, it just opened days ago and is already filled with eye catching decor that would complete any modern nursery.

 One thing I just had to get was this glittery pink and gold flower canvas, it suits Ava’s room perfectly! Her room gets a ton of sunlight and she loves how it hits the sparkles. 


Belle Lys canvas displayed over Ava’s bed

 Another favourite of mine is the hand painted wooden blocks. They encapsulate Lily’s style perfectly – modern but classic. 


 The best part about Belle Lys (besides the fact it’s based in my hometown Winnipeg!) is that her pieces are so affordable! They have the handmade charm that is completely on trend and doesn’t burn a hole in your pockets!

Make sure you check out her growing shop here and use code WELCOME25 to get 25% off your first purchase! 

You can find her on Instagram at @bellelys_decor


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