The Inspiration – My Own Little Deer

Every creative process is inspired by something – or someone. Naturally, Little Deer is inspired by my daughter. 

I’ve always loved to be creative. No particular medium has been a constant in my life, there has always been intervals of different things sparking my interest. In high school, I discovered my love for painting in art class, and hours on the computer allowed me to learn a bit about graphic design. After graduation I realized how much I loved to write. Around the time my daughter Ava was born, I found an interest in home decor and fashion. All of these things stayed on my mind and in my repertoire since I’ve learned them, but was only ever displayed when I felt truly inspired. 

When I found myself tied up with work, boys, and friends, for some reason the urge to be artistic would fade. Then once Ava was born, I learned the true meaning of “muse” – and was instantly inspired in countless ways. 

One thing you’ve probably noticed about new parents is the obsession with baby clothes! And me being a new parent myself, I was no exception, and surrendered to many adorable Etsy shops selling graphic tees with ironic sayings, or printed leggings, or hair accessories even I would wear. 

One day I found myself purchasing a little outfit including a graphic tee, some cute shorts and a headband. The total came to around $55 with shipping. I asked myself why I would spend this amount, when a similar outfit at a corporate store would be a fraction of the price. I’m sure a lot of parents who frequent Etsy ask themselves the same question but the answer is obvious. The handmade feel of these items, whether it’s clothing, or wall art, or anything really, makes them so much more special. Items that you can envision yourself showing your children when they’re older, “Look at this little outfit! Can you believe you used to fit this?!” 

I really wanted to be a part of that. Becoming a parent, like many others might find in themselves, has made me realize the importance of enriching our children’s lives with love, even if it’s just an item handmade with love. 

I hope that you’ll allow us to send you something you and your children will enjoy for a lifetime. Please take $5 off any purchase at The Starving Artist Home and Nursery Decor, valid any time on any item, and please stay tuned for the relaunch of Little Deer!


 The Starving Artist – Home and Nursery Decor


My Little Deer, Ava Cathlene, age 2


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