Hey folks, it’s been a while! I just wanted to touch base with some of my customers and new followers regarding this Canada Post debacle… As some of you who are either Canadian or have been shopping from Canadian shops recently, you may have heard about the Canada Post vs. Canadian Union of Postal Workers (CUPW) labour negotiations. This has been going on since 2015, and it’s not looking so good. CUPW had set July 2 of this year to be the deciding day, and Canada Post informed them that their previous offers were final… ANYWAY, as of now, Canada Post is no longer accepting packages to ship as service disruptions are expected. 

Canada Post is often the only option for small shops like Little Deer. The prices to ship are much more reasonable than places like UPS. If I kept my shop open, shipping charges would be more than $20 for even domestic orders. Who pays that much, willingly? 

So, Little Deer will be closed for now until Canada Post and CUPW can come to an agreement. You can read more about the negotiations and updates on the Canada Post website or you can stay updated via our Instagram and blog. 

Keep being wonderful, friends!


New Onesie Styles and Baby Boy Flatlay

Do you ever have an instance where you just feel like you gotta make something? Maybe you’re scrolling through Instagram or Pinterest, or flipping through a magazine. Or maybe you’re just having a conversation with someone, or even just laying in bed, and all of a sudden you get a great idea, a creative surge? I get that a lot, however it was particularly strong this weekend. Along with a few orders to work on, I added design new onesies to my mental to-do list (I should really consider a physical to-do list) and this was the result!

Embrace the Crazy onesie inspired by my sister in law, Megan and my nephew, Lucas! Available in sizes 0-3 months and 18-24 months, and in sizes 2T-4T as a T shirt.

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Little Deer onesie available in sizes 0-3 months and 18-24 months. ON SALE NOW until March 18, 2016 for 50% off!


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Get Out and Explore onesie inspired by my adorable nephew Lucas.


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I had such a blast making these! More fun stuff to come soon,   in the meantime, check out my first flatlay geared towards little dudes! 

Flashback Friday – Ava’s Garden Tea Party Themed Second Birthday

With my nephew’s second birthday approaching and party plans in full swing, I just had to scroll through the photos from Ava’s party last year. Just like any other parent, I think they’re too cute not to share! Throwing these parties made me realize how much I absolutely love it, and look forward to giving you ideas and helping you decorate for your little one’s parties, too! 
All photos by Michael Masek

Chocolate cake with pink buttercream frosting, adorned with buttercream flowers, edible chocolate “Ava is 2” disc, and edible gold dust for sparkle. Cake by Danielle Verrier

Closer look at the beautiful cake detail by Danielle Verrier. Cake toppers by Little Deer.

Shop cake toppers here.

My mother added the beautiful lace, adorable bird cages, gorgeous bouquets and vintage tea set. Sandwich and fruit trays from my sister in law Megan by Stella’s Catering. White and milk chocolate cake pops made by me. Cake pop stand by me, made with floral wrapping paper covering a styrofoam ball, atop a flower pot. Cake toppers and heart shaped floral garland by Little Deer.


Fresh croissants from my sister Megan by Stella’s Bakery, “Your Birthday Is The Best Day Of My Life” print by Little Deer, frame from Ikea, sugar cookies by my sister Emily


The birthday girl’s outfit: flower sandals from Joe Fresh, floral crown from Tied In Twine on Etsy, tutu from Indigo, ballet body suit from Wal-Mart


That smile!

Her father thought it would be a good idea to adorn her in Spiderman tattoos the day before her party! Note the sarcasm.

The happy birthday girl!


A little more of the decor, “Tea For Two” banner by Little Deer. Flower garland from Michael’s Craft Store.

Shop Tea For Two banner here.

A dress up station for all the ladies and gents! My mom made the tutus from colourful tulle and stretchy headbands, floral headbands purchased from the dollar store, moustaches, hats, gloves and bowties from The Party Store. All of these items were taken home as favors.


My insanely creative mom painted two big pieces of drywall with chalkboard paint and leaned them up against the fence. The kids loved it!




Outside, my parents just set up some of Ava’s summer toys including a water table and a small swing set. There was no shortage of activities for all the kids!


“Your Birthday Is The Best Day Of My Life” print by Little Deer

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Heart Shaped Floral Garland by Little Deer


Shop Heart Shaped Garland here.

Cake time!




My Little Deer and I


Who doesn’t love a good flatlay?

Gooooood morning, everyone! 

Can we just talk about how fun it is to dress your babies? Take it from me, once they’re a little older, it’s a little less fun, and more of a battle! You’re like, why am I sweating right now? But when they’re still too small to have an opinion (haha, good times) it’s a blast! I thought it would be a good day to share a sweet little inspiration board, including our Oh Deer tee shirt and Infinity Bib! 


What is your favourite part about dressing your kids? Picking them out? Shopping? Pairing items? All of it? Let me know in the comments below!

Don’t forget to enter to win any of our bibs! Check out our Valentine’s Day Giveaway post for details! 

New Dreamcatchers – Not Just for the Nursery

When I started Little Deer, I had my own sweetie in mind (read “The Inspiration: My Own Little Deer”) so naturally I created things I would put her in, and now items I would hang in her room, too. 

One thing I want my customers to consider is the multiple ways the decor I offer can be used. Our two piece Baby Shower banner can be used as decor in the nursery (“Baby” draped above the crib or change table is one idea), as a piece for any shower (minus the “baby” for bridal) and of course as the statement piece for any baby shower (the two pieces used together)! We can of course do any colour the customer chooses. I love custom orders!

Other items to consider as versitile are our dreamcatchers. I present the store as a baby shop, so my customers can easily only envision the dreamcatchers I sell in the nursery, particularly our dreamcatcher mobiles. I’d like to show you a couple ways to use our dreamcatchers to dress up even mature spaces like the master bedroom or living room!

Cozy Bedroom Inspiration

Modern Living Room Inspiration

Let me know your ideas by leaving me a comment!

Valentine’s Day Giveaway

I’ve been so excited since reopening Little Deer, just sewing, blogging and brainstorming away. I’ve been looking to do a little giveaway for a while now, too – they’re so much fun! What’s more exciting than winning some free goodies?

I’m giving all my followers a chance to win either their choice of any Infinity Bib or their choice of any Food Bib!

Just follow these directions: 

  1. Follow @littledeer.shop on Instagram 
  2. Repost the above picture to Instagram and hashtag #LITTLEDEERSHOP
  3. Tell your friends in the caption to give @littledeer.shop a follow!

The giveaway closes on Valentine’s Day (February 14 2016) and a winner will be announced within 24 hours. 

Thanks for playing, good luck!

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Red Nursery Inspiration Board

Something I’ve found to be incredibly popular (and clever!) lately is keeping rooms a neutral colour such as grey, white, or beige and then adding items that are interchangeable with big pops of colour. This way, you can keep your space fresh and in season. 

As we approach the end of January, most of us are clinging to the thought of Spring to get us through the last few weeks of blustering winter winds. Get ready for spring by freshening up your nursery with beautiful Valentines red!  


Don’t forget to shop Little Deer before January 31 with code YUMMY for 25% off!